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Humanitarian Response in Violent Conflict: A Discussion on CRS's New Toolkit of Conflict Sensitivity Indicators - May 15, 2014

On May 15, Tom Bamat and Aaron Chassy of Catholic Relief Services led a discussion on CRS’ recently published Humanitarian Response in Violent Conflict: A Toolkit of Conflict Sensitive Indicators.

This Toolkit adapts a sample of 15 indicators from the SPHERE Project's Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response to be even more conflict sensitive while remaining practical and user-friendly. It facilitates more intentional collaboration between humanitarian response and justice and peacebuilding program practitioners in the design and implementation of joint programmatic efforts. Such collaboration will more systematically promote and capture synergies while increasing conflict sensitivity and program impact.

During the talk, Tom and Aaron described how the Toolkit was developed, the benefits it offers both to institutions and to practitioners in the field, and reflected on some of the remaining challenges associated with its utilization.

About the Speakers 

Mr. Aaron Chassy is a specialist in governance and civil society with nearly 25 years of experience (8 of which have been overseas) developing and managing programs in close to 40 countries. His areas of technical expertise include integrated peacebuilding, implementing participatory policy reform, civil society strengthening, democratic local governance, and anticorruption. Mr. Chassy has served as a Democracy & Governance Foreign Service Officer for USAID, worked with several for-profit USAID contractors and is currently the Director Technical Integration at Catholic Relief Services. In this capacity, he leads a team of 5 senior technical advisors who seek to promote integral human development by integrating peacebuilding, governance, gender, water resource management and education into CRS’ health, agriculture and humanitarian response sectors.

Tom Bamat is the Senior Advisor on Justice and Peacebuilding for CRS. He provides programming and evaluation support to staff, promotes the implementation of CRS’ peace and justice strategy, and fosters effective networking and applied learning.  A sociologist (Ph.D. Rutgers, 1977), he has lived in the Andean region and northeast Brazil, and was formerly CRS Regional Advisor for Civil Society, Human Rights and Peacebuilding in Latin America and the Caribbean. Tom has served on the Boards of the Life and Peace Institute & the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at EMU, as well as the Steering Committee of the Catholic Peacebuilding Network. Among his publications are works on human rights, religious movements, and responses to violent conflict.

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Recording and Transcript   

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