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M&E Thursday Talk - Using human centered design to break barriers in evaluation


Join DME for Peace on Thursday, February 2nd at 10:00am EST as Rebecca Herrington of Search for Common Ground hosts the M&E Thursday Talk series to lead a discussion on “Using human centered design to break barriers in evaluation.”

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Last month DME for Peace helped lead the #BreakingBarriers conference and workshop in Cape Town to co-design solutions to barriers to participation & inclusion in evaluation.


In what was one of the first applications of the co-design process to peacebuilding, participants in Cape Town came together to collaborate and innovate tangible solutions to the barriers to participation and inclusion in peacebuilding evaluation. Through 4 days of conversation, prototyping, and refining, participants challenged themselves to embrace ambiguity as they tackled the issues of participation and inclusion.


In this webinar, Rebecca will explain why the co-design approach was used, how it was designed and applied to the peacebuilding field, and the solutions that the Cape Town workshop generated.


We will also be joined by participants from the conference & workshop who will have the opportunity to share their opinion on co-design, reflections on the the conversations in Cape Town, and what they hope to do with their solutions moving forward.

Join us as we move to the next stage in our #BreakingBarriers process!

When: Thursday, February 2nd at 10:00 am EST

Where: Click here to register for the webinar

About the Speaker:

Rebecca Herrington is the Senior Program Manager for the Institutional Learning Team at Search for Common Ground, managing and providing technical expertise for externally-facing DM&E projects. Her programs include three USAID R&D awards on emerging DM&E to test new approaches and ensure monitoring and evaluation serve to strengthen programming and support adaptive program management. Throughout 2015-2016, she worked with 14 countries to provide technical DM&E support to UNICEF’s 150 million-Euro Peacebuilding, Education, and Advocacy program, including publication of the Emerging Practices Guide. She has been working for over nine years in conflict program management and DM&E. Rebecca also holds a strong governance specialization centered on fragile states, technical options development for dialogue, and strategies for shared societies captured through her chapter on Governance in Public Policies for Shared Societies. Her work has led to partnering with businesses, multilaterals, and bilaterals to identify how best to operate responsibly, measure impact, and adapt in complex and conflict contexts, experiences that contributed to The Role of Business in the Responsibility to Protect. She has worked throughout Central America, MENA, and East Africa and holds dual MA degrees in International Development and Conflict Management from Brandeis University.