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Apply Now: Spring 2017 TechChange Online Diploma Program In Tech For Monitoring & Evaluation

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Nick Martin

TechChange is back with its flagship Tech for Monitoring and Evaluation Online Diploma Program, a 16-week online program starting February 20th. This course is comprised of three four-week courses offered at a discount for those taking the full diploma:  

  1. TC111: Technology for Monitoring & Evaluation: Feb 20 – Mar 17, 2017

  2. TC211: Technology for Data Collection and Survey Design: Apr 3 – Apr 28, 2017

  3. TC311: Technology for Data Visualization: May 15 – Jun 9, 2017

What’s in store specifically for this Spring?

Session Topics:

  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting: An M&E System Implementation

  • Introduction to Responsible Data Practices

  • Big Data: Moving Beyond Teenage Sex

  • How Feasible is SMS for Large Scale Surveys?

  • How Sexist is Our Data?

  • How Can We Better Train Local Data Enumerators?

  • How to Incentivize Actual Use of M&E Results Data?

  • Help! My Tech Systems Don't Speak to Each Other...


  • Google Sheets for Real-Time M&E

  • Sensors for Data Collection

  • Drones for Data Collection

  • Machine Learning and AI for Data Collection

  • Visual Storytelling with Data

  • Design Thinking Meets Data

  • Data Cleaning, Static Visualizations and Interactive Visualizations in Excel

  • Building an M&E Dashboard in Salesforce

  • How to Draft a Responsible Data Policy for your Organization

  • APIs and the Future of M&E

Tool Demos:

  • Excel

  • SurveyCTO

  • TextIt

  • Echo Mobile

  • Bamba

  • Magpi

  • VotoMobile

  • PicktoChart


  • Canva

  • Carto

  • QGIS

  • Tableau

  • Google Data Studio

  • PowerBI

  • And many more....

This is the fourth time that we have run our program, which has been taken by over 500 students in 80 countries, including groups from prominent partners such as Equal Access, UNICEF, World Vision, USAID, and more.

Learn about how our alums have applied their new M&E skills to an organizational strategic plan, created data visualizations for a report on the crisis in Nepal or had help finding their dream jobs as a result of networks and connections they made during a TechChange course.

This spring, enrollment in the Diploma Track also includes a ticket to the 2017 MERL Tech Conference in DC slated for September 2017, weekly office hours with leading experts, and unlimited access to the TechChange library of over 150 hours of video interviews and on-demand courses like Excel for Data Visualization.


Apply today: