Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Baseline Context Assessment - Promoting Sustainable Peace and Resilience (PROSPER) in Kayah State

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Europe Conflict and Security Consulting (ECAS)/Mercy Corps

This report communicates findings and recommendations derived from the baseline data collection and analysis conducted by Europe Conflict and Security Consulting (ECAS) on behalf of the European Union (EU) funded programme ‘Promoting Sustainable Peace & Resiliency’ in Kayah State (PROSPER, or Paung Si Lett in Myanmar language). It briefly discusses the project work completed in advance of, and in preparation for, the Baseline, including the findings of an Evaluability Assessment (EA) and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (ME&L) plan redesign, as well as the baseline methodologies. It outlines the most salient findings, particularly those that speak to the overall context, stakeholder relations and perceptions, as well as external factors that are likely to affect the implementation of PROSPER and/or confound or complicate the measurement of desired or expected results. Finally, the report analyses this data against the ME&L framework in order to produce both: 1) recommendations for programmatic changes that are likely to produce greater, more positive impacts and, 2) recommendations for slight changes to both the ME&L framework and methods that are expected to improve the measurement of these impacts, if and when they are achieved.


Baseline assessment undertaken by Mercy Corps/ECAS, March 2016