Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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#BreakingBarriers: Concept Canvas - Team Big Six

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Team Big Six

This concept canvas was created by a number of participants, who formed Team Big Six, at the Breaking Barriers in Participation & Inclusion in Peacebuilding Evaluation Conference in Cape Town between December 6-9, 2016. 

From Team Big Six:

"The main aim was to think of ways to maximise local input into monitoring and evaluation. We wanted to think of ways in which local input could become naturalised and sustainable without too much ‘artificial’ input from outside evaluators. If individuals and groups at the local level found it useful to meet and narrate their views then hopefully they could continue to meet outside of a strict M&E forum. A key element of the concept canvas was ‘bottom-up’ evaluation in which the criteria for evaluation (for success, failure or impact) were not solely set by the donor, implementer or evaluator, but were also set by the apparent ‘recipients’ or ‘beneficiaries’ of any intervention."