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Developing culturally relevant indicators of reintegration for girls, formerly associated with armed groups, in Sierra Leone using a participative ranking methodology

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Stark, Lindsay, et. al.

In recent years, increased attention has been given to addressing issues related to reintegration of girls associated with armed forces, a group historically ignored among the humanitarian community. New research has the potential to inform and programming and policy for this population. However, it remains a critical challenge to identify measures of outcomes for girls in such situations that are culturally appropriate and accurately reflect their circumstances. Utilizing Western measures may emphasize external values of wellbeing at the expense of local constructions. This paper presents a recent attempt to develop culturally relevant indicators of reintegration and adjustment for girls formerly associated with armed groups in Sierra Leone. It utilizes the participative ranking methodology, which may prove relevant in other settings. The paper lays out a brief background on the conflict in Sierra Leone and the effects it has had on girls associated with armed groups. It then develops a methodology for constructing locally relevant definitions of successful reintegration and adjustment followed by findings in using this approach.

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