Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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Marijn Sissingh

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Independent Consultant
Mr. Marijn Sissingh
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Specialist in designing and evaluating projects that aim to change individual or group behavior in peace building contexts. The theories of change that he uses are based on psychological and sociological theory/models, empirical studies, project evaluations, and proven theories of change.

7+ years experience in conflict analysis, target audience analysis, and humanitarian analysis and a background in Sociology (MSc) and Behavior Change (MSc).

His specific areas of expertise are civil-military interaction, protection of civilians, early warning, peacekeeping, peace building, community building, health, strategic communications, and positive psychology.


Mixed-methods research

Quantitative (IBM SPSS Statistics)

Qualitative (content analysis, thematic analysis, scenario building)

Data collection: desk study, expert interviews, in-depth interviews, semi-structured interviews, surveys, focus groups, observation, and participation

Personal skills

Meeting deadlines

Staying calm under stressful circumstances

Handling multiple tasks at the same time

Being flexible and adaptive

Communicating clearly and concisely

Having an open minded attitude towards people and ideas

Being passionate about innovative methods in design and evaluation


Work experience in Afghanistan, Uganda, Mali, Netherlands, Switzerland

Background in Sociology (MSc) and Behavior Change (MSc)

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