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Request for Proposals: Final Evaluation of Alliance for Iraqi Minorities Project

$44,000 USD
U.S. Institute of Peace
United States
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Contact Person
Ahmed Twaij

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) requests proposals to conduct a formative evaluation of a project aimed at improving the organizational and programmatic capacity of the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities (AIM), an organization comprised of 13 NGOs working on advancing minority rights in political, economic and social processes. More specifically, the Alliance seeks to build bridges between minority communities, between minorities and larger Iraqi communities, and promote minority rights and interests at the local, provincial and national levels.   

The evaluation will require the evaluating firm or individual to facilitate consultations with relevant USIP staff in both Washington, DC, Erbil and Baghdad and data collection primarily in Erbil, Dohuk and Baghdad. 

The purpose of the evaluation is to tailor more effective support in achieving the outcomes and objectives of AIM. The purpose of the evaluation is to capture the results of the project and learn lessons to inform future similar work in Iraq and elsewhere, as well as highlighting areas needing further development. Furthermore, the evaluation will also be beneficial to AIM, identifying areas requiring improvement as AIM establishes itself as independent organization, as well as areas requiring greater capacity building. Importantly, the evaluation will also be able to provide insight into the effectives of AIM’s community and governmental advocacy work.

Rules & Requirements

Submission Requirements

Technical Proposal (no more than 10 pages)

The narrative proposal should include the following sections:

a. Past Experience: Describe at least two projects of similar scope and complexity you have worked on previously. Provide a point of contact with telephone number and email address at the client of each of the described projects.

b. Overall Approach and Methodology: Based on the information provided, describe your proposed approach to conducting the evaluation.

 c. Specific Expertise: Describe your level of knowledge and expertise in: 1) methodologies to assess organizational and programmatic capacity and/or advocacy and policy influence; and 2) policymaking and issues facing minority groups in Iraq.

d. Key Personnel and Staffing: Describe the key personnel that will be involved in this project. Please note that staff may be non-US citizens and do not require a security clearance.



For each of the key personnel, please provide a resume of no more than three pages. Resumes will not count as part of the five pages of the technical proposal.


Cost Proposals

The cost proposal should include a budget and a budget narrative that provides itemized budget with units, cost per unit, and total cost. The cost proposal should include sum costs per deliverables, including staff time. 

NOTE: Please see response to RFP questions received in the attached document.