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Chief Operating Officer

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative
Employment Type
Full time
United States


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) assists the  Country Director (CD) to provide operational and financial management for ABA ROLI’s programs in the CAR. Reporting to the CD and DC-Based Program Manager, the COO manages the day to day operations of each of ABA ROLI’s programs, including ABA ROLI staff and contractors. COO duties include managing general operations; ensuring compliance with policies and procedures regarding finances, logistics, transporation, procurement, and security; overseeing administrative and finance staff; managing materials and supplies; and contributing to effective budgeting and financial planning procedures. COO will oversee coordination with sub-grantees to ensure effective skills transfer and to monitor subgrantee program progress. Under the guidance of the CD, the COO will provide technical management guidance and leadership to support ABA ROLI programming.  The position is initially for 24 months, but may be extended contingent on additional funding.


Minimum Qualifications:

A bachelor's degree in a field of study with course work directly related to the work of the position. Five years of related experience.

Ability to assist in the development of policies and procedures to improve operations and enhance staff development.

Skilled in the use of various software applications (i.e., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Quikbooks).

Ability to interpret and implement oral and written instructions, as well as, explain complex issues clearly.

Skilled in written and oral communication in both French and English.

Experience in identifying complex interrelationships in accordance with problem resolution.

Skill in judgment, research and analysis.


Preferred Qualifications:

Master’s degree in public administration, business, finance, or related field. Five years of experience in supporting implementation of peace building or related projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, including financial management, program administration, opperations management, and implementation and/or program design. The individual should be detail oriented, well organized, and able to work under pressure and tight deadlines when necessary. Experience in data analysis and monitoring and evaluation is highly preferred. Strong writing and communication skills and competence with computer applications required. A high level of personal energy, positive attitude and ability to work in a team setting are essential.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

OPERATIONS. Under the guidance of the CD, the COO manages the day to day operations of ABA ROLI Programs, including staff and contractors. 


Manages the general operations of the project, particularly to supervise and monitor transportation, procurement, clearance of shipments, and operational logistics of programs. 


Manages the overall security of project staff in coordination with the CD. This includes ensuring security policies and procedures are updated regularly and communicated to staff. In emergencies, COO will work with CD to liaise with the DC-staff to coordinate International SOS, Inc. assistance and coordinating security with other actors in CAR.


Ensure that the procedures of ABA ROLI regarding finances, logistics, transportation, and procurement are faithfully observed and implemented by all staff.


Support CD to manage ABA ROLI finance and procurement system consistent with CAR Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and ensure SOPs are updated to be consistent with donor regulations.   Principle duties include:


Review and approve monthly reconciliation of cash budget, wire request, monthly ledger submission, vendor and procurement payments and files, field advance payments, disbursement vouchers and invoices.


Act as principal verifying officer subject to CD approval and track all field procurement/logistics requisitions, and clearance of shipments of commodities for the project.


Review ABA ROLI payroll monthly to ensure each staff receives their salary on the appropriate date of the month and that all taxes and social security payments are properly made.


Assist the CD to develop an annual budget and plan of action.


Assist sub grant projects in developing  their budgets.


Ensure ABA ROLI programs maintain and update an inventory of commodities, materials, and vehicles. 


Manage ABA ROLI financial, transport, procurement and logistical staff to ensure appropriate discharge of their duties and execution of their performance and that of their subordinate staff.


Verify that ABA ROLI materials and supplies and financial resources are being used honestly, and that accounting for the dispensation of these resources, and their use for the intended purpose, in the right places and at the right times.


Annually review ABA ROLI SOPs for the Financial, Operational, and Transportation staff.


Annually review contracts with a CAR Labor Lawyer to ensure ABA ROLI is meeting all CAR labor regulations.  Draft contracts for each ABA ROLI staff member for review by CD, ensuring all appropriate benefits are allocated in each contract. 


Assist with the development of ToRs for all program staff including staff development.


Arrange bi-annual performance evaluations for all ABA ROLI - CAR staff with comprehensive actionable recommendations provided to staff where needed.


SUPERVISION. The COO receives direction and guidance from the CD who receives his/her direction from the Division Director for Africa. The COO will provide supervisory guidance and direct day-to-day supervision and capacity building of Financial and Operational Staff. 

How To Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and updated CV to

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