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Business Processes Review Consultant, CAR

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative
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Central African Republic
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ABA ROLI has operated in the Central African Republic since January 2015, and implements programs that support access to justice, promote responsive governance, and improve the abilities of Central African justice actors. The Central African Ministry of Justice and its development partners are working to build the capacity of the Central African Judiciary to better meet the justice needs of communities across CAR. In addition to enhancing training and instituting increased oversight, the Central African judiciary, with support from the US Department of State INL, will undertake an assessment of case management and evidence control procedures, with the ultimate goal of introducing a uniform method for improved case processing.

Job Summary

Business Processes Review (BPR) Consultant, Bangui, Central African Republic:

ABA ROLI seeks a Business Processes Review Consultant to support measures to improve case and evidence management within the Central African court system to improve efficiency, increase transparency and support effective court oversight. The consultant will develop and gain approval for significant revision to current court procedures and will produce standardized processes that are applicable for multiple court levels and jurisdictions, both within Bangui and in the prefectures.

The consultant will oversee an assessment phase, which will collect information to enable the consultant to inform and guide the development of improved case and evidence management procedures and systems that will likely be piloted in the High Court of Bangui. Lessons learned from initial implementation will inform roll-out to additional jurisdictions in the second year of the program. The consultant will engage with stakeholders to ensure the relevancy, context appropriateness, and acceptance of the new structure and will seek to promote the systems adoption.

ABA ROLI seeks a consultant to guide the reform and standardization of processes to improve services and produce efficiency in the selected courts, a subject matter expert that is familiar with both the science of process engineering and the inner workings of multijurisdictional courts is required. The expert will understand that the results of process engineering is not simply drawing boxes on a paper but capturing all aspects of the process including the rules that govern that process, the limitation of performance of one process as part of a larger court dependent processes. The inputs and outputs of the process as well as the impact of the process on overall court performance will contribute to the revision and standardization efforts. This individual must be able to lead and evaluate the capacity of courts to adapt change in a development environment.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of ABA ROLI’s Bangui-based Country Director, and in coordination with the Case and Evidence Management Project Director, the BPR Consultant will:

  • Develop a project specific methodology for conducting a process engineering assessment for Central African courts that supports all activities and project deliverables;
  • Document and assess court processes, filing and data flows, based on current practice and track these against formal procedures established by or for the courts;
  • Work with Judicial counterparts to solicit input and develop a change management plan;
  • Develop process reengineering recommendations to optimize processing, filing and data flow based on project objectives and parameters;
  • Conduct time and motion assessment both as baseline and within a set of approved pilot processes for case management;
  • Develop content for manuals or users’ guides for approved pilot processes for case management;
  • Develop project specific documentation standards and templates;
  • Maintain key stakeholder support and gain approval for revised processes;
  • Engage with counterparts in a consultative fashion;
  • Ensure a sustainable and context appropriate result with nationwide applicability.


  • B.A. in business, public administration, criminal justice, information systems management, records management, or related field is required. Extensive experience or at least 10 years of experience in Court Administration, with direct, comprehensive experience in government sector process mapping and related guidelines and policy development may be considered in lieu of a degree.
  • This position requires excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English, and the ability to effectively communicate with judges, court staff, and the public. Demonstrated interpersonal skills, including an ability to work well with high-level government officials is desirable.
  • Preferred requirements include a good working knowledge of process mapping tools and software, good working knowledge of court procedures, court rules, and relevant statutes; experience with relational databases; the ability to interpret legislation, rules, administrative orders, and policies and procedures; and demonstrated experience in court or government office process, file and records systems review.
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural environment, preferably in Africa, and the ability to thrive in a challenging political environment is desirable.
  • Knowledge of the justice sector, legal system and socio-political context of the Central African Republic is beneficial.


  • Project specific methodology for evaluating change in courts on a court by court basis
  • Documentation report on current court processes, including baselines, at all court levels
  • Revised court processes and structures developed; Stakeholder approval of revised processes obtained
  • Instruct court staff on revised processes and support development of training methodology
  • Plan for turnover of methodology and relevant materials to stakeholders
  • Document strategy for continued process reform after the completion of the current project
  • Contribute to the training program and implementation strategy of the current project

The consultant will report directly to the Country Director, Richard Malengule, or his designee.This is a short-term assignment beginning on or about June 1st to June 30th, 2017 for approximately 25 days of level of effort (LOE), and 3 travel days.

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