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Consultancy - Development of peacebuilding e-learning modules

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Our West Africa Programme is seeking a highly innovative and creative consultant or consortium to design an engaging e-learning course focusing on responding to violence and enhancing conflict transformation / peacebuilding skills. This course will be aimed at empowering a virtual network of youth in northeast Nigeria with the confidence and skills to take a central role in peacebuilding initiatives in their communities.

The course will be delivered through WhatsApp and will combine visually engaging and stimulating infographic ‘posters,’ interactive tasks and moderated peer-to-peer discussions. The course will be comprised of eight distinct modules on the themes of:

1.     Introduction to peacebuilding and co-existence at the local level

2.     Inclusion and tolerance

3.     Role of youth in peacebuilding

4.     Personal Safety and risk mitigation strategies

5.     Conflict management styles

6.     Engaging with others in a conflict: Security actors, government actor and other community member

7.     Community awareness raising and mobilisation

8.     Community Resilience

In the creation of the e-learning modules, there are two core strands of work:

  •  Design of the training course content in collaboration with Conciliation Resources staff members
  • Production of visually appealing and stimulating training materials(including infographics) that can be delivered through WhatsApp 

We are happy to receive applications from individuals/teams applying for one of these two strands or consortiums applying for both strands of the work. For further information, please see the Terms of Reference at:

How To Apply

Qualified organisations, individuals or consortia should indicate in their application whether they are applying for:

  • Strand 1: Design of the training course content
  • Strand 2: Production of visually appealing and stimulating training materials
  • Both Strand 1 and 2

All applications should include:

  • For Strand 1: A short proposal (5-page maximum) outlining your suitability for the position, the proposed training content for the modules, the learning methodology and a ‘mock-up’ of one ‘infographic poster’;
  • For Strand 2: A short proposal (2-page maximum) outlining your suitability for the position and suggest innovative visual mediums to present the training materials.
  • All applications should also include a small portfolio of relevant samples previously produced;
  • All Strands: A itemised budget outlining total costs, including professional fee and expenses associated with the delivery of the consultancy;
  • All Strands: Proposed timeline for delivery; 
  • All Strands: CV(s) of the lead applicants (2-page maximum per CV)

The deadline for submission of proposals is 17.00 BST (London) on Friday 8 September 2017 and all proposals should be emailed to

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